Laserfiche License Fingerprint error

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From: Tiffany Marlow <>
Sent: Monday, October 5, 2020 10:11 AM
To: John Gallimore <>; Tony Scarlett <>; Joe Morgan <>
Subject: Laserfiche License Fingerprint error

Svr-lfweb was moved, so we had to do this for all apps that run on lf-web.

Open Laserfiche Directory Server on svr-lfapp

Click on the Settings tab at the top


Click on renew master license


Click on Overview tab at the top


Click on Server

Replace license file for all apps under lf-web


Click on the app name (in blue)

Click on Get License (.licx)


Rename the current license file to .old and paste the new .licx file into the same directory.

Use this link to see where the license files are located for the apps. Note: Most of ours are installed on the D: drive instead of C:


Tiffany Marlow

Application Specialist

Davie County Technology Solutions


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